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Who is Lumis Albert Beyincé?

He is most famous for being the grandfather of Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter, a famous pop superstar.

Beyoncé and mother Tina Knowles

We all know Beyoncé Knowles-Carter, the pop superstar who is also the wife of musician and business mogul, Jay Z. Beyoncé has many influential connections; apart from her husband being Jay Z, her own mother Tina Knowles is the owner of the clothing line of Dereón. But a deep dig around her ancestry reveals some interesting and relatively unknown things. That brings us to her maternal grandfather who is Lumis Albert Beyincé.

Lumis Albert Beyincé is the father of Tina Knowles (Beyoncé Knowles-Carter’s mother). The man and his wife, Agnez Dereón were French-speaking Louisiana Creoles who moved to Galvaston in Texas sometime after they had gotten married. It was here that they raised their children, all five of them.

Why is Beyoncé Giselle Knowles not Beyincé like her Grandparents?

You might be wondering why Beyoncé’s name is spelt differently from her grandparents. Well, the story behind this can be found on and it all started with Tina Knowles.

In detail, here is what actually happened. Narrating how her name became Beyoncé instead of Beyincé, Tina said

 “All of us have a different spelling. I think me and my brother, Skip, were the only two that had B-E-Y-O-N-C-E, the other siblings’ last names were spelled like her father, Beyincé.”

Tina was puzzled at this fact and then asked her mother why this was so. She recalls her mother saying the following words:

“I did one time, the first time, and I was told, ‘Be happy that you’re getting a birth certificate.”

At that time, most black people didn’t have brith certificates so Tina Knowles was quite lucky to have gotten one although her last name changed in spelling. She says the two names: Beyincé and Beyoncé are pronunced the same way and that there is very little difference save for the spellings.

Lumis Albert Beyincé Parents

Lumis Albert Beyincé was born to Louisiana Creoles who were Alexandre Beyincé and Marie Amelie Beyincé.

Lumis Albert Beyincé Family

He got married to Agnez Dereón and then moved to Galvaston in Texas where they had five children. Out of these five children, only two names are known:

  • Tina Beyoncé
  • Skip Beyoncé

Lumis Albert Beyincé also has two siblings whose names are:

  • Charles Beyoncé
  • Emilienne Roy

Agnez Dereón, Lumis’ wife was a popular seamstress in her youthful days back in Louisiana. She had wealthy customers and created many beautiful clothings.

Lumis Albert Beyincé Age

At the time of his death in 1982, Lumis was about 72 years old.

Beyoncé Knowles and Beyincé Lumis Albert

Lumis Albert Beyincé Cause of Death

Lumis Albert Beyincé did not die of any unnatural causes. No autopsy was performed when he died in August 9, 1982. It was concluded that he died of old age.

Lumis Albert Beyincé Ethnicity

Louisiana Creoles are a complex group when we look at them from an ethnic angle. They could be Africans, native Americans or Europeans who inhabited the Colonial Louisiana before it became part of the United States.

So, Lumis Albert Beyincé is likely an African or native American by ethnicity, his skin colour testifies to the fact that he isn’t a Spanish or French European.

That is all there is to know about Lumis Albert Beyincé, the maternal grandfather of Beyoncé Giselle Knowles.

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