Olori Badirat Adeyemi: Biography, Net Worth, Date Of Birth, Youngest wife of Alaafin

Olori Badirat is an Oyo Alaafin Lamidi Adeyemi III’s youngest wife. Apart from answering the name Olori Badirat Ajoke, she is also known as Olaitan Ajoke Adeyemi.

Olori Badirat Ajoke Adeyemi

Olori Badirat Adeyemi Profile

Name: Olori Ola
Real Name: Badirat Adeyemi
Date Of Birth: 3rd of November
Age: 31 years old
State Of Origin: Oyo State
Husband: Oba Lamidi Adeyemi III
Occupation: Entrepreneur
Net Worth: $5,000-$10,000


Badirat Adeyemi, also known as Olori Ola, is the stunning youngest wife of Oyo’s Alaafin, Lamidi Adeyemi, who is creating waves on Instagram.

The queen currently has over 35,000 Instagram followers who literally praise her fashion style.

The queen is well-known for her strong relationship with the monarch. While the monarch, a boxer and gym aficionado, frequently goes out with his four queens, he always has Olori Ola by his side.

A sharp eye, on the other hand, can clearly see the competitiveness in the young queens’ meticulous efforts for massive Instagram followership. When the king purchased new SUVs for his queens, the photographs were shared on Instagram. Furthermore, there is a tendency among queens to outdress themselves during occasions.

On October 15, the monarch celebrated his 82nd birthday, and tributes from his extremely youthful wives drew attention. The newest queen wrote:

“Happy Birthday, my lovely hubby,” she wrote, along with an exaltation in the monarch’s honor.

The young queens all recently went on pilgrimage to Mecca and flooded Instagram with photographs from their journey. Olori Ola, on the other hand, stood out from the crowd with her trendy fashion style, which deviates from what is available with ‘conventional’ queens.

Olori Badirat Ajoke Adeyemi

This small young queen, who is highly trendy, shows no signs of being bothered by the king’s age. She is the mother of two sons and is supposed to be in charge of the king’s requirements in the palace.

The queen, who turns 28 in three days, is quite active on Instagram and SnapChat, where she chronicles her daily royal exploits with her throngs of followers.

The king gave her a brand new white Toyota Matrix Sports Utility Vehicle with a personalized license plate for her birthday. The mother of two then rushed to Snapchat to display her early birthday present.

Queen Ola has a special bond with one of her co-wives, Queen Memunat. They are not just great friends, but they are also two of the Alaafin’s harem’s youngest queens. Despite the fact that they are both married to the same man, they remain the best of friends. Their bond is incredibly attractive, and it has garnered the love of many on Instagram, who say they make polygamy appealing and enviable.

Both in their twenties, you marvel how the attractive queens remain best friends despite being rivals and living under the same roof as their aging husband.

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