Top 10 Emirs In Nigeria From Northern Nigeria

The traditional rulers of Nigeria’s predominantly Muslim northern regions are known as emirs, and the titular sovereign of their now-defunct empire is formally styled as Amir-al-Muminin, Sultan of Sokoto (or Sarkin Musulmi in the Hausa language). The emir of Kano leads the Tijaniyya sufi order in Nigeria, which is historically the second most important Muslim … Read more

3 countries where having 100,000 Naira makes you a millionaire

Welcome to Nigeria, the supposed Giant of Africa. Truly, when some factors are discussed, Nigeria is indeed a giant. For example our population: we are the most populous country on the African continent despite being the 14th largest in terms of land mass. But when we talk about the economy, we bite hard on our lower lips. The economy of Nigeria … Read more