How to get Google to index your posts faster

Recently, it has become very hard to get Google to index your latest blog post. You have followed the basics: submitted a sitemap, use the URL Inspection tool to try to force indexation and built internal links but it has not been working.

NOW YOU WANT TO GIVE UP ‘cos there seems to be no solution but to wait. And waiting takes a lot of patience, doesn’t it?


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I was also in this situation a week ago. I had recently opened a new blog (not the first one, obviously) and was busy writing high quality blog posts. At the beginning, Google was eager to crawl my blog and within a week, I already had five posts live on Google search.

BUT THINGS BECAME DIFFICULT AFTER THAT. For the next four weeks, Google did not index my new posts. It had discovered the posts from the sitemap I submitted but indexing never came. I got tired and lost my motivation to create content. There seemed to be no solution.

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Fortunately there was a solution that I hadn’t given a thought before. I was using the WordPress platform and I learnt about the Instant Indexing plugin. I got the plugin and spent a really long time setting it up (believe me, setting it up is not easy). When I finished setting it up, I had errors that I had to revisit and rectify.

But eventually, I was able to set it up and I set the plugin to work. Under 12 hours, all the blog posts were indexed and started showing up on Google Search. On inspection using GSC, I confirmed that they had been indexed.

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So if you wish to get the plugin and need my help to set it up, just DM me. It is for a token and unfortunately, the token is non-negotiable. Escrow is also involved so you can be sure you won’t be scammed.

If you have questions, state them in the comments, I’ll answer to the best of my ability.

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